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Power with reduced immunity

With reduced immunity doctors recommend a special diet. If possible, you need to eat the food cooked. For example, the meat should be boiled, fried or stewed, but should be meat, not smoked meats and sausages. You are never completely healthy, if your Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be constantly sausages. Absolutely cannot soups in plastic cups, bags. If you need to quickly eat, do not just get sausage or instant noodles, the best option is frozen vegetables for quick cooking. In our stores, these vegetables can be bought at any time of the year. If your immune system has dropped below an acceptable level, you should buy transfer factor – vitamins to boost the immune system.
Any meal start with raw fruits and vegetables, for example, raw salad of any kind. If there is no time to cook salad, you can eat fresh carrots, cucumber, Apple and so on. If you already ate cooked food, within one to two hours should not eat raw fruits and vegetables. That is, the fruit dessert banned, as raw and thermally processed foods have different terms of digestion. As a result, the intestine can begin the processes of putrefaction and fermentation.
Our gut is a two hundred square meters of surface area for absorption of food. Poor nutrition creates all conditions for the development of pathogenic flora that threatens powerful intoxication.
For normalization of the intestinal microflora are advised to take bio-dairy products and apples. Apples desirable to eat in the morning on an empty stomach, after they need to drink a Cup of yogurt, and then eat your normal Breakfast.
Any person need to remember the main rule: how to strengthen the immune system of the child and adult – must determine medical specialist who will advise you on proper nutrition. Even having taken our advice, please consult with your doctor.

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