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Problem e the medical sphere

In a recent issue of the American journal of the Medical Association of America, Ross Kopel has published a detailed article in the dangers of computerization of medical records and data in any hospital in the world. The study identified twenty-two ways that the electronic system has forced patients to receive the wrong medical prescriptions. Focus only on the most interesting cases.
Default. The system shows the patient on the screen of a dosage based on units of medications available in the pharmacy that specific hospital. When members of the hospital staff were prescribed infrequently used medications, they relied on the typical dose, and not the true meaning of numbers. If, for example, treatment is usually prescribed in doses of 20 or 30 mg, and the pharmacy can provide the patient only tablets 10 mg, thus, the default value is set to 10 mg, which means that treatment will be ineffective.
Untested team. When the doctor changed the dosage of treatment of the patient in the electronic medical records, they often prescribe a new dose, without cancelling the old one. As a result, patients get the amount of old and new drugs. This is a common type of user error equivalent banking interface error, where You specify the payment of the same amount to the same recipient twice.
Poor legibility. Because patient names written in a small font that is hard to read, easy for the doctor to choose the wrong patient. The problem is also that patient names are listed in alphabetical order and not grouped by the areas of the hospital, there are doctors who are seeking a patient see a lot of similar names. In addition, individual megatooth the patient’s name does not appear on all screens, reducing the likelihood that the doctor will detect the error before it reached a critical point in the interaction.

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