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Procedures that will help you to lead a person in order. Part 2

Процедуры, которые помогут вам привести лицо в порядок. Часть 2Procedures that will help you to lead a person in order. Part sushestvuet numerous treatments, which can clear the skin. Depends on skin type and its condition. For example, masks, chemical, mechanical, ultrasonic cleaning.
The hardware cleaning. This kind of cleaning of the face, which allows not to injure the skin. Such cleaning popular today.
The vacuum cleaning. Used a tube that pulls content from the pores under vacuum, but they must be steamed. Usually after a toned complexion, inflammatory, improves blood circulation. Usually it is used if acne, clogged pores, but not in the fevered form. Before cleaning, you need to open the pores and cleanse the skin. Use makeup remover and then using a vaporizer open the pores, and if not, then use a cream with a warming effect. The tool does not need washes in the means of sanitizing periodic nature. In addition, this procedure can be used in the neck and back. After the procedure use specialized masks, creams to narrow the pores of the skin. There are contraindications, which do not allow to use such cleaning. It’s dry and sensitive skin, inflamed acne and other inflammations, dermatitis.
The ultrasonic cleaning. Is performed using ultrasonic crabber. On the face of the wave function, carrying out a micro-massage the skin. Ideal for acne, blackheads. The procedure is completely non-traumatic, but also smoothes fine lines. Before use, the skin clears dust, make-up, dirt means to clean the face. After applied a special gel or tonic. Under the influence of ultrasound are shed old cells. After this procedure, you will see the effect on the face. For example, younger and fresher look to the skin, scars heal faster, shrinking pores, oiliness is reduced. Ultrasonic soft cleaning will not give effective results if there are a large number of comedones, clogged pores, etc. To have the result you need to make manual intervention. In addition to their advantages such cleaning is not suitable if was recently maxillo-facial surgery, face lift-gold threads, acute infections, tumors, pregnancy.
Процедуры, которые помогут вам привести лицо в порядок. Часть 2
Mechanical cleaning. This procedure is doing, if oily skin, acne with no inflammation. In a beauty salon manually remove comedones by using a spoon for the nose, a strainer, a spoon una and the needle Vidal. It is worth noting that the instruments are sterile to be. Therefore, this procedure is carried out in specialized clinics. As in the previous procedures, pre-cleanse the skin from dirt and expand the pores. After start clearing pores, i.e., using a strainer. Then you will find the removal of secretions from the pores. If the beautician does not have time to do it for half an hour, then we have to start all over again, as the skin cools down and the pores are closed. After using the infrared lamp for disinfection. After the procedure for several days face to wipe the lotion that has alcohol. Do not apply in that case, if you have herpes, furunculosis, eczema, asthma.

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