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Продукты для красоты и здоровьяTo look more attractive, we often purchased expensive cosmetic products, we provide a variety of beauty treatments, go to the beauty salons. It’s certainly not bad. However, one should remember that to create beauty, you can not only cosmetic products. Specific foods affect our looks even better than the most expensive cosmetic products.
Found that beta-carotene, which in large quantities has the carrot beneficial to the eyes. However, this substance is also useful for hairline, because it is conducive to active cell division. Which subsequently has a positive effect on the health of the skin of the head. When thinking about the health of hair, the use of soy meals will help to stop the balding process.
Curd contains a considerable amount of Riboflavin, stimulating the metabolism. This element is recommended for all who are prone to drying out of the skin. Curd helps to heal dry, cracked lips.
If dryness-prone skin, it is recommended to add to the diet bananas. Present in bananas vitamin B6 will help to protect themselves from such troubles.
Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B12. This element helps strengthen skin pigment.
Get rid of acne can consume peanuts, contains significant amount of vitamin E. Similar effects on the skin have seafood.
The occurrence of fatigue, apathy is associated with a lack of vitamin C. Also, the lack of this element prevents normal wound healing, causing the ache in bones, hair loss. To prevent these symptoms are rosehips, citrus, currants, pickled cabbage.
Bad psychological state (sleeplessness, irritability, disruption of the heart) can be caused by deficiency of vitamin B1. A significant amount of this element contained in pork, liver, buckwheat, bran.
When bleeding disorders should consume more tomatoes, meat, legumes, liver.

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