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Pyelonephritis in women

Пиелонефрит This disease is fairly common. He is mostly seen in women. Usually the cause is an infection within the renal pelvis. When a woman gets pregnant, she has significantly violated the discharge of urine. This often entails the inflammatory process. In some cases, pyelonephritis causes kidney stones. The symptoms of pyelonephritis in women. These include frequent urination, fever, discomfort in the lower back, bouts of chills, etc. If you ignore these symptoms, then you may have the chronic form of pyelonephritis. This often leads to a kidney failure. Identification of pyelonephritis. In cases of suspected pyelonephritis, the doctor guides a urine analysis and x-rays of the kidneys. Treatment of illness in women. If you really find yourself pyelonephritis, the doctor will prescribe you an antibiotic. For example, gentamicin. When the described disease treatment takes about six weeks. Known cases where it doesn’t give any result. Then the doctor prescribes another antibiotic. You also do not forget about herbal treatment. You can do decoctions of motherwort, licorice root, juniper berries, etc.

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