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Qigong massage

Цигун-массажQigong massage is probably the most famous Chinese form of massage that is practiced in Chinese medicine for over five thousand years. To get the most effectiveness, you must go to the home of massage, as not all techniques Qigong massage beyond the borders of China. And since the international community has recognized the effectiveness of Qigong-massage, there are many facts that indicate that, through periodic regular practice of Qigong you can get an excellent prevention of various illness and cure of many diseases. In China, the way of Qigong massage is inherited from father to son, etc., that is why it is recommended to go home the massage.
The word “Qigong” is referred to Chinese as energy work. This is the name given for a reason, because already after the first sessions you will feel a surge of energy that will contribute to productive work. Part of the word “qi” means energy and “Gong”, as already known – work. Even Qigong massage called the massage of the mind, as an ordinary specialist will not be able to teach you a quality service.
Qigong massage provides a solution to many problems of recovery, since it helps to strengthen the immune system. Qigong massage keeps the blood in the body, stabilizes its turnover in the individual organs and throughout the body and helps to balance the saturation of the necessary nutrients.

Цигун-массажQigong massage is a passive method of massage. But despite this he has a very strong influence not only on the individual organs and the whole body. It promotes relaxation of human organs, which has long remained in continuous operation, after the relaxation of the organs begin to live a new life, it is felt after the first sessions of massage. It is recommended to visit the order of 10 sessions of Qigong, otherwise the effect will be unlikely.

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