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Radiopaque study of blood vessels after autovenous grafting

Radiopaque study of blood vessels after autovenous grafting was performed in 18 patients. We applied the method of direct arteriography by puncture of the artery proximal to the location of the vascular lesion. When conducting arteriography was used a solution of 76 verografin in 20 ml.

The results obtained allowed us to objectively assess the state of the operated vessels of the arteriovenous graft, the degree of development of collateral circulation and, together with the data of clinical examination to evaluate the individual results of the operations on the great vessels performed on their wounds.

After x-ray study of blood vessels in the examined patients in 11 cases revealed a kink, bend vein graft, 7 — observed excessive longitudinal tension own veins.

The cause of the deformation and alteration of the configuration of autologous vein was the discrepancy in the length of the defect between the ends of the damaged artery to the length of the autologous vein, which undoubtedly contributes to early or late occlusion.

In the postoperative period may develop this complication, as a failure of the vascular suture, which was observed by us in 3 cases. Insufficient tightness of vascular suture lines due to an incomplete fit, and adapt sew the walls of the arteries, overlay rare joints go teething wall when excessive tension after excision of the damaged artery wall.

Repeated intervention on the operated area of the vessel in a few hours or days makes the operation more time consuming and dangerous for the victim. Angiography and in this case facilitates the orientation of the surgeon during the audit retry operation and helps to plan the re-optimal reconstruction using autoplastichesky material.

In conclusion, we wish to note that the radiopaque study is a very important tool not only in the diagnosis of injuries of the main blood vessels and their consequences, but in the study of immediate and long-term research results of the intervention and the timely recognition of identified complications.


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