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Repair and its ecology. Part 2

Ремонт и его экология2Repair and ecologyaction.ca specified in the first part of the tips will be useful if you can still affect the construction process. But what if you get only renovated apartment? Here also there are a couple of useful recommendations.
To begin with, you must inspect the apartment is a very obvious thing. And then you must come to your senses. For example, if the apartment feels overtly pungent smell, it is already suspicious. Unpleasant smell in a new apartment can create artificial synthetic materials, very bad impact on people. When you move into the apartment, the smell will disappear, but the negative impact will remain. In addition to odor, you should see the room. Saw somewhere mold or strange selection? Also is suspicious. The materials in the same part of the wall or finishing material have different shades in different parts of the particular material? Also not good. In total, all these factors may indicate defective work done or about the use of cheap and mean low quality materials.
Remember that some materials are not what they seem. For example, you can see wooden panels, but they may not be, for example, the stone is not a stone at all, but looks like a stone finish. With wood this situation can happen more often, and to distinguish this tree from its industrial cheap analogues is very difficult, it is better to buy high-quality hardened floors with topping to live in a safe house.
However, some people acquire such materials. Why? Because it’s cheap. And such an approach is wrong. Savings on materials and finish in the future will affect your health and your family’s health. If you build or buy for themselves a new home, do not skimp on it.

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