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Replacement of conventional make-up: permanent tattoo

Замена обычного макияжа: перманентный татуажThis procedure can a woman release each morning about 15 minutes. But still you need about the tattoo to know everything to be resolved without the risk and fear!
Makeup women can emphasize the dignity and hide flaws, to show the character, mood and even the intellectual side. Makeup makes you feel brighter, well-groomed and confident. Not every woman likes to spend time on makeup. So I decided to make life easier for you beauticians. This tattoo lasts from a year up to several years, which will help you look great at any time of the day. How about normal makeup, permanent makeup will hide your flaws and highlight your strengths. This tattoo is suitable for the effect of long and thick eyebrows. More expressive and eye-catching will help you mezhresnichnoe tattoo.
How did this all happen? Under the epidermis is injected with a special pigment that differs from classic tattoo, as it is not eternal. You will be advised by the specialist to come in for a correction, as the pigment fades with time.
For this makeup use high quality pigments that do not cause allergies. The most important thing for you is to choose professional masters, which is characterized by a sense of beauty and artistic flair. It is best to go to special salons that do permanent makeup. In which case you will guarantee in the event of an error free correction.
Замена обычного макияжа: перманентный татуажThe advantages of this procedure: a small procedure time (minus discussion with the master regarding color, shape), hypoallergenic, saving time during make-up, resistance, not washed off by various means to remove makeup, wash off the sea, the pool and other water areas.
Disadvantages of tattoo: removal by laser (very expensive), pain (each person has an individual threshold of pain), swelling small (prevents you from attending work and spending time with friends).
As sets of cosmetic procedures is contra-and this is. Before the procedure the wizard you should be familiar with the contraindications, and after signing the consent. Permanent tattoo is contraindicated: people younger than 18 years, pregnancy, lactation, hypersensitivity to the pigment (individually), anaphylactic shock, prone to scarring, inflammation, diabetes (insulin), epilepsy, pacemaker.
Should turn to professionals and to be aware of the contraindications, if you want to shorten the time in the morning, and not only on makeup.

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