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Reviews of cosmetics, The face shop

Отзывы о косметике The face shopKorean cosmetics brand The face shop has been developing rapidly and already has more than 900 stores in 22 countries, the products of this company is popular in America, Asia, Africa, our country is no exception. Many Russian women and girls were able to appreciate care products and decorative cosmetics, the face shop. This is not surprising, as developers when creating their products not just prefer natural ingredients, and try to get all of them were completely natural, naturalness is highly regarded in cosmetology, because this area is synonymous with quality and efficiency. Birthday for this reason, many in the navigation tools and cosmetics face shop have good reviews, which really deserved.

The company produces a range of products for skin care products based on natural ingredients, there is a special line of therapeutic products for body care, face hair, especially popular tools based extracts and extracts of plants, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins necessary for healthy skin, among them, gels, masks, creams and many other useful tools on a natural basis.
Two very popular product for facial and hand skin from The Face Shop:
The Face Shop Sseal Royal Jelly Moisture Cream
The cream intensively nourishes and moisturizes with Manuka honey and bee Royal jelly copes with excess sebum, reduces the oiliness of the skin, softens it and makes soft and velvety. The cream has a gel-like soft texture. In addition to the basic ingredients it consists of a large number of natural nourishing, moisturizing and cleansing components. The cream has a delicate aroma of sweet honey, lie down on the skin with a thick layer. Its non-greasy formula leaves no unpleasant feeling of aggravation of skin, gives a feeling of freshness and cooling.
The cream can be used for all skin types regardless of age. Not recommended for use in allergic reactions to honey and other bee products.
Application: be used as the last stage of care, preferably before bedtime. Apply evenly to the face, patting with your fingers until completely absorbed.
The face shop SHEA BUTTER
Hand cream moisturizing, recommended for use during winter, when the skin loses a lot of moisture. The cream not only moisturizes, nourishes and softens skin, heals cracks, rejuvenates, protects against chapping.
The cream is based on Shea butter, which has soothing properties, retains moisture in the skin, protects from bad weather and other adverse effects. The cream also contains almond oil, glycerin and beta-gluconate.
Application: apply to hands, RUB, massage gently until fully absorbed.

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