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Rules for the selection of contact lenses

Правила выбора контактных линзAny person who decides to correct vision contact lenses, faces the choice, how to choose contact lenses. In order to make the right choice, you have to collect all the available information about the lenses. For example, did you know that there are several types of contact lenses?
Now, contact lenses are divided into types according to their period of operation:
-one-day – as you can tell from the name, these lenses require daily replacement;
-planned replacement lenses – these lenses should be changed periodically: every two weeks, every month or every three months;
traditional – these are the lenses that can be used within six to twelve months.
Day is the best contact lens in terms of convenience, since they do not require daily care, because in the morning people use a new pair, and in the evening it just throws away. It can even be considered a one-day lenses variant planned replacement, the lifetime of which only one day.
Lenses of scheduled replacement, as we have already mentioned above, are used within a certain period of time. Most patients prefer this version of the lens, although they are not very cost-effective when compared with traditional contact lenses.
Traditional contact lenses are operated for a long time, but they are required and careful nursing, for example, thorough and regular treatment, daily cleansing and so on.
Even contact lenses subdivided by mode of wearing: day – lenses that are removed at night, extended – they can be worn continuously for a certain period of time, and flexible lens wear you can leave them overnight, but you can shoot.
We cannot give you any advice on what lenses to choose, as this is the responsibility of your doctor.

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