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Rules for working at the computer

Правила работы за компьютеромYou will surely agree that in today’s world, a large share of the working population spends time sitting, a little moving, earning the appropriate disease. Office work often involves regular sitting behind a computer display that is more detrimental to health than regular muscle stagnation or poor posture. Among other things, it impairs vision, provokes headaches.
Will give you some basic tips on how to keep healthy at the office, sedentary work.
1. Keep your posture. Modern office chairs are quite comfortable for the spine, however during the day’s work fatigue accumulates in any case. Try every ten minutes to adjust their posture that will quickly become a habit and will help to maintain flexibility, youthfulness back.
2. The feet should be placed on the floor surface, the height of the chair to adjust for your height. This will prevent it from tension, pain in the knees, feet.
3. Organize your workspace in order easy to get all the necessary items.
4. The mouse and keyboard should be at elbow level. Take care of your wrist, they should be aligned. Often, employees who work at the keyboard, you feel pain in them. You should buy an ergonomic keyboard, possibly with a special stand for hands. You can purchase an exercise machine for strengthening the wrist, such as carpal expander.
5. Place the center of the display right in the direction of the eyes. This is the most comfortable posture for the neck and eyes. Try to use widescreen displays, as they are configured in the direction of sight. The distance to the screen should be less than half a meter. Constant monitoring of near objects eyesight weakened. However, the best exercises to strengthen eyesight – striping sight on distant and nearby objects. Try more often to do this exercise.
6. Every hour carry on and 5 minutes away from the display. Take a few deep squats, dips, warm up muscles.

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