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Seborrheic complex

Себорейный комплексCauses of seborrhea hundreds: metabolic disorders, fungal skin diseases, allergies, vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance… So at least once in their lives, each of us are faced with such unpleasant phenomenon as dandruff.
Itching, inflammation, sores and pustules, hair loss – consequences that can result from incorrect or delayed treatment of seborrhea.
Minor manifestations of dandruff you can start and need to restore the pH balance of the scalp. Recipes of traditional medicine is the best assistant in this endeavor. Using them in combination with natural oils and a gentle shampoo, quite shortly, you will achieve good results.
It should be noted that excessive oiliness of the hair and its associated seborrhea adolescents 10-14 years – the phenomenon is absolutely normal. Delicate care and proper nutrition will help to facilitate for seborrhea.
The postpartum period is another risk factor. Many women suffering from seborrhea, noted that the scalp was dry. Appeared unpleasant feelings of tightness and peeling. Complained they and hair loss. In this case, the dandruff is temporary. Take special multivitamin preparations.
Dandruff celebrate and ladies in menopause. The restructuring of the body, impaired hormonal levels result in changes to the structure of hair, acid-alkaline balance of the scalp.
However, not always seborrhea is temporary. She pursues and men and women throughout life, instilling a sense of their own inadequacy and unattractiveness. What to do if a trip to the trichologist did not bring the intended results and, it would seem that you have already tried all means?
Go to the drugstore, an experienced pharmacist will certainly offer you a complex of three effective means of action and formulations which complement each other. We are talking about drugs Planta Med.
The Italian company Planta Med, known today all over the world, won the love of hundreds of thousands of customers and trust professionals due to its antiabortion complex.
All funds Planta Med is focused on the fight in the first place with the consequences of seborrhea, thereby preventing premature hair loss.
Product line of the brand Planta Med represented by the mask, tonic and shampoo.

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