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Secrets of the age makeup


Become a connoisseur of the age make-up that is special compared to the others, to learn his techniques and secrets feasible.

The main point in the age makeup is the use calm tones, and the application of cosmetics must also be reduced. Because numerous cosmetic products applied to the face of the woman, can make the skin not that younger, but quite the contrary, not charming and weighty. If you know the basic secrets of using age makeup and to guard against errors, it will not happen.

Popular errors of the age makeup

Lips need special attention. It is strictly forbidden to use lipstick dark and bright colors. Eyeliner pencil – highlight the beauty of the lips.

You must remember to hide wrinkles, you do not need to apply to the skin a lot of powder and Foundation. Cosmetics, soaked in skin folds, not hides, and emphasizes wrinkles. To smooth the complexion and hide pigmentation, absolutely enough, apply one coat of base. With age the skin may become dry and lose elasticity. On the surface, the powder will look rough and not pretty. Therefore, carefully you should treat the use of powder.

Avoid blush, which are applied to Polski. Blush with bright color, make the person look vulgar and obscene.

Applying age makeup, you should not focus on several features: lips, eyes and cheeks. Make the emphasis is on one line to cast your opinion does not unravel in the face and was not looking for scars and wrinkles, and clearly kept the marked part. Use this rule, even if all of your facial features are very attractive and beautiful.

The main points that you want to apply at age makeup for the eyes. Using a pencil or eyeliner, try to make a thin line, because the bold lines very old women. The mascara, as well as a pencil, you cannot use it to the lashes were thick. Without excesses apply mascara on the upper lashes and lower can not be painted.

Eyebrows, and upper part of the face should look natural and mysterious. Try not to make a tattoo, avoid overgrown and too thin, plucked eyebrows. Stick to medium lines above the eyes.

In conclusion, I would like to add that with age, women will have hair that interfere with or apply cosmetics and make an awful view. It is strongly recommended to deal with them.

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