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Secrets to a healthy spine

Секреты здорового позвоночникаDoctors believe the basis for the overall health of our body healthy back. It’s great when people have the opportunity to have freedom of movement, feel pain, playing with children or doing different chores. If you want to keep your back healthy, try to follow a few simple guidelines.


Good posture gives you the opportunity to optimally support the natural curve of the body. To posture remained correct and did not require treatment of the spine due to the development of various diseases, always keep your back straight, but relaxed. Not necessary to always be in position, as if you swallowed a sword. Keep the shoulders straight and head position should continue in a straight line relative to the cervical spine. Do not draw the head into his shoulders.
Also do not forget about the belly when walking the abdominal muscles should be a little involved.

In the sitting position

Learn to sit correctly, it is no less important than the right to stand or walk. The first thing correctly set your workplace: the chair should have armrests and be the right height, so it is advised to buy a chair with adjustable height. Sit on a chair, leaning back, feet steadily put on the floor. If this is not possible, purchase a footrest.
Do not sit for a long time, try to take short breaks in the form of walks.

The correct carrying of heavy loads

Healthy old age, the spine can be maintained if a carry weight correctly. If you often need to carry more than 10 kg, use a cart. Also make sure to lift heavy bags and raise them from the floor without stooping, and squatting.


Very damaging to the spine weight, so a very early start to appear symptoms such as pain, discomfort in the spine. Excess weight – fight!

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