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Several myths about cervical erosion

This disease, which at least once over the life of the sick almost half of the females somehow have acquired many myths – from the fact that it’s just a toy and ending with “all right, I have cancer.” Actually cervical erosion is a disease that can not be started, and which, however, cancer is not reborn.

Don’t miss the erosion

One of the misconceptions associated with cervical erosion, that this disease is possible only on reception at the gynecologist to identify, they say, it runs asymptomatic. But this is only a myth – as a rule, erosion makes itself known by a different kind of discharge, as often the nature of erosion – infectious. They can appear after lifting weights or after intercourse (the selection can be seen on linen), color may be whitish, yellowish, and even bloody. More erosion is sometimes manifested by sharp when urinating, burning, itching – all this should alert you.
Another myth that erosion will certainly entail cancer. The risk and the connection between them really is, but the backdrop for a malignant tumor may be running too cervical erosion, especially if there is a viral infection. Therefore it is better not for the will to sit down, and see a gynecologist.
There are misconceptions about the causes of erosion – most women believes that her only mechanical damage can result, although often it is an infectious and inflammatory processes. Mechanical damage can also cause erosion, but probably not because of injury, but because getting into the wound, again, infection. And finally, the erosion risk of getting not only a Mature woman (this is also a myth) who have had sexual intercourse, and and little girls – due to disorders of the vaginal flora.

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