«Мэри Бэль»


The era of decorating the nails to come to our land for a long time. In the nineteenth century, it began to evolve and come into Vogue. At first it was natural means, which are easily washed away and not spoil the nail plate, but on the contrary strengthened it. Industry went very far. To date, use a huge amount of materials to create beautiful nails. For example for convenience, top quality and long working service use natural brushes columns, but dyes for application to the nail plate, not natural. They contain many chemical properties that allow you to keep the paint on the nail plate quite a long time. Naturally it is necessary to remove the same strong chemical means to crack down with lacquer or shellac.
How to remove shellac? The most important thing to know, and how to remove it. The application of shellac on the nail surface becomes more popular, this contributes to its quality, lacquer and gel in one. There is a large range of colors, so it is resistant to mechanical impacts to water and chemical liquids. Shellac favorable for those who have very little free time, what would regularly go to beauty salons or even dye them yourself at home. For women who have a small child, so the shellac, it’s the perfect way to maintain your beauty nail.
Method of applying shellac is easy to learn at home. Even after the first application of the lacquer, you will be very pleased from the fact that it is very simple. But you must understand that for better result you will need to purchase professional components. This number also includes a liquid for removal of shellac. It can be removed and technical acetone, but are you not afraid to take risks?
How to remove shellac? Gel Polish for nails pretty durable material. But its advantage is that upon removal from the nail, it is not necessary to treat them with nail file. It is enough to apply a special liquid for removal of shellac, and it is easy to leave your nail.
Polish remover you can turn into a beauty salon. Master using professional fluid and disposable covers for the fingers, finish procedure after 30 minutes. Shellac is easy to remove and at home. Women use not only specialized tools, but acetoacetamide fluid.
The sequence of the procedure for the withdrawal of shellac with nail plate:

  • You must wash your hands with soap and warm water,
  • Moisten cotton pads with fluid for removing shellac, for convenience, cotton pads can be cut in half,
  • To put the cotton pads on your nails,
  • Wrap the tips of your fingers foil, along with the discs naturally,
  • Wait 10 minutes,
  • Remove the foil,
  • To remove the remains of the wooden stick shellac,
  • Apply nourishing hand cream.

Special no hassle, simple and accessible. For this activity, you can purchase a special set, for the care and rehabilitation of their hands and nails. Advise an online store, where all the detail about each tool, and which is very convenient, there is a service of Express delivery to your home! Women be beautiful, but do not abuse, health first and foremost.

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