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Shiatsu massage

Массаж шиацуShiatsu massage is based on acupressure effects on biological-active region. This is a kind of Japanese therapy, which is carried out by pressing your fingers on the area of pain. A strong feature of this massage is the depth of impact, as after the first session the bent of human gait turns into a smooth step drill, curved posture becomes much more equal, and such examples can lead to a great many. Our modern society in most cases finds assistance in the use of drugs, despite the opportunities to be cured with by using natural ways.
Methodology shiatsu to a greater extent is based on one very interesting instinct: when a person gets injured, he instinctively touches the point of pain.
Shiatsu is actually available for study for anyone. The main task is to study the whole methodology to know the biological active area and massage technique. With the help of knowledge each person will be able to easily cope with pain in the hands, lower back, easily it will be possible to raise the General tone of the body, will be a big horizon diseases and injuries, in the treatment which you can do without medication.
Probably everyone would like to know places of biologically active areas , here are a few examples :
– to boost the mood and tone, you need to massage the distance of 4 fingers below the navel.
– to foster concentration, you need to massage in the nose.
– to contribute to eye fatigue, you need to massage the area of the inner eye the bowl to his nose.
For massage Suazo not necessarily refer to specialists, it is possible to practice independently.

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