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Slot machines: the effect on health

Игровые автоматы влияние на здоровьеThe arcade industry in the Internet in recent times is vibrant, this kind of holiday you prefer, an increasing number of people. With the help of Internet gambling has entered the lives of many people – almost everyone young and middle-aged adults who spend time at the computer, playing slot machines to play online is not so bad, according to some experts. This may seem strange, but many doctors gambling allowed us to explore some of the psychological state of the person. Despite the fact that the majority of the population believes that the slot machines on the Internet have a negative impact on human health, experts from Oxford were able to prove that the time for online games can have a positive impact on human health.

According to doctors, the game industry on the Internet allows many people to break away from the monotony of everyday life and difficult memories. Such conclusions were made based on test results, which showed that some people after the game was partially lost the ability to recognize faces. According to researchers, this is due to the fact that the human brain cannot effectively handle multiple tasks, and for the memories and visual perception meets one section of our brain. It is worth noting that visual memories occurring after may remain in the brain only for six hours, so in order to displace these visual memories, you just need to switch the section of the brain on other things, more fun.
Testing was conducted with a group of volunteers who showed movies with scenes of violence, but after watching gave to play 10-15 minutes on slots games. Negative memories and impressions significantly faded after a game of poker on a slot machine, without affecting negatively the shared memory. Not arguing, real life is not always perfectly with scientific research, but after the received information about the research can be used online slot machines as urgent and complimentary therapy, which will erase from the memory of negative memories.
I also want to note that gambling is not bad relieves stress, which confront every day of every modern man. With the help of slot machines can be perfect to throw out the accumulated emotions, to calm your nerves after a hard day.

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