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Soft and harmless peeling on the basis of mandelic acid

Мягкий и безвредный пилинг на основе миндальной кислотыThere is an opinion that winter and autumn is the right time to carry out the procedures of acid peels, as the sun is not so hot as in summer. The area of cosmetology is not in place, and making steps in the development and implementation of new procedures. Professionals cosmetology do peels at any time of the year, with no fear of side effects (for example, pigmentation).
Peel, who is not afraid of sunlight is almond peeling. During the peeling is the impact on a superficial level, mandelic acid, the recovery period is virtually absent and reduced to zero complications and consequences. The peel does not cause the formation of pigmentation, but SPF protection will have to use.
This peeling is perfect for hyperresponsiveness and sensitive skin. In other words mandelic acid can be called alphagalactosidase and has an antibacterial effect on the skin. Procedure mandelic acid is well tolerated, however, he provides a gentle and effective chemexfoliation.
The interval between treatments is half weeks, and a few treatments you enough for the desired result. For the whole year can be conducted not more than three courses. But it all depends on skin type and difficulty.
Indications for use of mandelic acid peel.
This peeling is used for chemexfoliation hypersensitive, sensitive skin and during the summer. If: hyperpigmentation after laser therapy (after a period reabelitatsii), rosacea, mild degree of photoaging and aging.
Мягкий и безвредный пилинг на основе миндальной кислоты
What can you expect after peeling? What is the effect?
Will occur and surface smoothing fine wrinkles, complexion improved, single rashes will disappear and a broad pore smoothed out.
Merits and advantages of almond peel.
Main advantage of this procedure is that there is no recovery period. After one session you will notice that the skin will look well-groomed and fresh. Pigmentation after peeling is almost not possible, but it is necessary to use protective creams.
What are the indications for abstinence from this procedure?
Do not use almond peeling during lactation and pregnancy. If there are diseases of the skin viral nature. Radiotherapy workspace and if there were previous surgery.
And it is worth remembering that almond peeling on a tanned skin is not done as long as the sun descends.

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