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Solarium: safety rules

Солярий правила безопасностиFor those who even in the cold season does not wish to abandon the sun, visiting the Solarium, we have prepared some guidelines under which the Solarium will be safe.
The principle of operation is based tanning with artificial ultraviolet light, so good for the skin will not be any, just beautiful skin color without saturating vitamin D. Is, from the Solarium and harm: due to the destruction of collagen, the skin can quickly fading.
Select the sunroom should be very careful, it is best to sunbathe in vertical tanning, and the best option is the Solarium, where you can move. It is equally important to choose the right salon, try to build on the recommendations of more experienced friends.
Ask the salon how long in the tanning bed have changed the lamp, please note, active use includes the replacement of lamps at least every six months. If lamps are used for longer, they can cause significant skin damage.
Pay attention to the sanitary condition of the cabin, and Solarium. The appliance should be cleaned after each use by the customer and before the procedure next customer. It is best if the cleaning is carried out directly to your eyes.
Before the procedure tan it is advisable to go for a shower, the body was clean. If there is no possibility to take a shower to cleanse the body wipes. Remember, during the procedure, lamps stimulate the sebaceous glands, and if the skin pores are clogged, after visiting the Solarium can appear on the skin rashes.
Also must be a clean face, no makeup. As a person tans much faster than other parts of the body, you gotta protect it with the help of sunscreen.
Close the nipple. During the procedure, it is necessary to use means for the skin, for example, is considered an excellent means of coconut oil that disinfects, reduces the risk of development of inflammatory process.

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