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SPA program and rf lifting

The Latin phrase “sanitas per aqua”, meaning “health through water”, was the basis for abbreviations SPA. And, indeed, treatments in the SPA salons to help cleanse the entire body. In any salon all the details are carefully thought out, except for SPA treatments included in the program of herbal tea, light snacks, laid out interior that matched the music. All SPA program includes a gentle massage with the use of scrubs and aromatic oils, honey or chocolate butter. Definitely massaged hands, fingers, feet and joints. As a result of treatment with the skin removes dead skin cells, toxins, this increases the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Besides services of this SPA is a manicure and pedicure with the use of masks, paraffin baths, rejuvenating and regenerating creams.In some of the SPA program includes a visit to the pair (Russian, Finnish, Eastern, etc.) and fitness classes that include yoga, aerobics, belly dancing.

One of the most popular treatments – wraps. The session begins with exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and open the pores. Then applied to the skin therapeutic mud. There is also chocolate, coconut cream, and a variety of other options. This procedure is especially popular because it is aimed at combating cellulite, improves immunity, and helps to cure some diseases. Wraps shown to women in the postpartum period, as help the body recover quicker after suffering stress.

Specialists SPA will help restore the health of the hair. In their Arsenal there are many therapeutic shampoos, conditioners and masks.
Among the SPA treatments be sure there are some, which are cleansing. Cosmetics will help get rid of wrinkles and restore the elasticity and freshness of the skin. In addition to cosmetics, there are a variety of cocktails, contributing to the formation of an oval face and get rid of acne.

Another Wellness procedure — rf lifting. It is aimed at the treatment of cellulite, wrinkles. In the process of lifting the skin and subcutaneous fat is heated with an electric current of high frequency. During the procedure, dilate capillaries, resulting in increased blood flow, thus eliminating the stagnation of blood in the blood vessels and improves microcirculation. Thus, rf lifting leads to the restoration of metabolism, the formation of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, accelerate metabolism.
However, this procedure has its contraindications, so you should definitely consult a doctor.

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