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СтоматитStomatitis may develop as an independent disease, and may occur as a complication or manifestation of other diseases, such as influenza, scarlet fever, measles and so on. Most often, the disease affects children.

Correct diagnosis of the disease is complicated by the fact that there is a huge amount of difficult diseases of the mucous membranes of the mouth, and such diseases occur with the same symptoms. So combine all these illnesses in one common name of disease, but a cure of the disease is selected only after careful examination. With the defeat of the sensitive mucous membrane of a separate section of the mouth, lips, tongue, or palate, you need to talk about cheilitis, glossitis or Palatinate.
The emergence of the disease contribute to a variety of factors. The first group of factors, impacting directly on the oral mucosa. The second group of diseases of cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, allergic reactions, impaired immune function, impaired metabolic processes, and so on.
Local factors may occur due to thermal, chemical, radiation therapy, or after injury, which cause the development of erosions, redness, ulcers.
Also stomatitis may develop dental problems, usugublyali failure to observe the necessary oral hygiene, the presence of decayed teeth, abundant dental plaque, dysbacteriosis. In addition, the disease can occur after dental manipulation, invisible micro traumas, the effect of any chemical substances, the use of metals in prosthetics and treatment.
As any injury can cause thrush, try to avoid damage to the oral cavity. Broken fillings, broken teeth, sharp edges of the teeth are all factors that need to be resolved quickly. Prostheses with hard and sharp edges should be fitted, and braces must be covered with dental wax. Gently brush your teeth.
As preventive measures used daily cleaning of the teeth, especially in children, pregnant women.
Treatment of stomatitis
Without proper diagnosis and determine the cause of the disease cannot be cured. This should do first and foremost a doctor. When the inspection of the oral cavity, the dentist will check the integrity of the teeth, replace if necessary, damaged seals, will fit dentures.

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