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КосоглазиеStrabismus is called pathology of the eye, or in which one or both eyes can deviate, that is, look in a different direction. Under normal condition of eyes look at an object is symmetrical, as perceived by both eyes of the image in the cortex of the brain are transformed into one-dimensional picture. With the development of strabismus violated the right combination of eye, it becomes impossible to link images in a single picture. To compensate for failure in the functionality of the Central nervous system blocks the extra image that is served in the brain from the squinting eye. If the treatment of strabismus is missing, after some time, permanent locking leads to squinting eye develops amblyopia.

There are periodic and constant strabismus. Deviation of the eyes to the side can be very different: to the outer corner of the eye towards the temples, in the direction of the nose, in counterclockwise and clockwise direction, downward or upward vertical plane. Can also be a mixture of different variances.
Strabismus may develop as a result of congenital or acquired pathologies. The most common causes of the development of strabismus include:
-astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia medium and high;
the abrupt decrease of vision in either eye;
-trauma and stress;
-diseases of the CNS, for example, cerebral palsy;
-congenital anomaly of eye muscles;
-paralysis and paresis;
-infectious diseases: measles, influenza, meningitis and so on;
psychological trauma, such as fear;
-somatic diseases.
Signs of strabismus
As a rule, strabismus noticeable to the naked eye. However, young children may be false strabismus, which is associated with the structure of the eye in childhood. Strabismus may be accompanied by headaches, eye fatigue, and impaired vision.

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