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Strengthening the immune system

Укрепление иммунитетаAt the change of seasons, our body is rebuilt and in the process weakened before infections and viruses. Accordingly, in mid-autumn period can sometimes be an epidemic of respiratory ailments. To confront the disease, it should be to strengthen the immune system.
The human immune system affects a considerable number of factors: polluted environment, constant stress, unbalanced diet, decreased activity. Often people personally lower the immune system when sick in bed, taking too many medications. This weans the body is unable to resist disease, to rely more on antibiotics. The symptoms of impaired nervous system is chronic fatigue, systematic headaches irritability, disruption in the functioning of the digestive tract, drowsiness, insomnia, some factors cannot be accounted for, for example, it was noticed that the lining of taxi in yellow color can cause both positive and negative emotions, seemingly “out of the blue”. Also the weakening of the immune system is accompanied by frequent and long colds and exacerbations of chronic illnesses.
The immune system can be strengthened medicines. These include Immunostimulants, immunomodulators. First adjust the immune system, making it run in active mode. These drugs should be used only on the advice of doctors. Immunomodulators are easy immune support. These include drugs to restore the intestinal flora, dietary Supplements, tinctures of medicinal plants.
However, the best way to strengthen the immune system is healthy, active way of life. Start hardening. Join contrasting treatments in the shower. Then you can do more radical procedures, such as, swimming in the hole.
Exercise. Active movements stimulate the production of the hormone of happiness – the best protection from disease. Very useful for regular walks outside.
Eat right. Menu should be balanced to include all the food groups.
Observe the sleep mode. Adequate rest improves performance, mood, strengthens the immune system.
Avoid stress. Stress – the main cause of the weakening of immunity. Learn to relax.

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