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Summer diets

летняя диетаDon’t forget about proper nutrition even in the summer heat. So delicious and summer right diet will help easy and fun vacation. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source of various vitamins.
In the summer, prolonged exposure under the burning sun can give you not only a great tan, but also to become the main cause of the deterioration in the health of your skin. The result of these processes is the rapid aging of the skin, change of a pigment and a composition that appear on those parts of the body, which stayed longer in the sun. Always need to use special cosmetic products that are designed for safe tanning with filter (at least 15), which will protect your skin from all the sun’s rays.
Also, it should be consumed in food as much fresh fruit and vegetables. First, choose the ones that contain a huge number of different antioxidant vitamins A, E and C. These vitamins help fight free radicals that arise in your body by exposure to the sun.
The source of these vitamins are:
Vitamin A: fruits and vegetables yellow, orange and green – melon, carrots, peas, asparagus, green beans, broccoli, apricots, peaches, watermelons. Vitamin C: berries, fruits, wild roses, peppers, citrus, tomatoes, parsley, cabbage vegetables, horseradish, potatoes. Vitamin E: various vegetable oils, leafy vegetables: spinach, parsley, corn and salad.
The main rules for a good diet: – avoid fatty foods (sauces, sausages, fatty meat) – don’t need to eat food fried foods, especially with a large amount of vegetable oil. – Try to give the preference to boiled food, steamed, stewed, baked in foil. – Stop fat soups, seasoned with bacon or sour cream. – Avoid dishes in the huge number of different seasonings.

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