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Surface and a gentle peel: glycolic

Поверхностный и щадящий пилинг: гликолевыйEvery woman always wants to look great, regardless of the number of years. Cherished dream women look younger than their age. Therefore, ladies are seeking to find a tool that will allow you to deal with various problems of the skin, which can overcome the challenges.
On the market there are many tools chemical peel, but if you want a gentle and effective tool, then pay attention to the type of peel – glycolic.
If we talk about the peeling chemical nature, there are several types: deep, surface and medium. Chemical peeling is based on processing of facial skin acid, which can be used to remove the top layer of dead tissue, and at the same time the problem of acne disappears. Also enlarged pores become less visible, the complexion is stabilized.
The superficial peels include glycolic. Also it does not require a recovery period, as after cleaning the skin with glycolic acid, the recovery is much faster than in others. To enable the effect you were surprised, you should repeat the procedure several times with a certain interval.
What are indications for use of this peel?
As in the other procedures of cosmetology, before the procedure, you must seek the advice of a doctor-cosmetologist. Glycolic peels will not be able to get rid of scars, but this peeling will make them smoother and less noticeable.
Enabling the use of such procedure is the cold seasons. And in summer you should abstain and also during the passage of the peeling should cancel the Solarium. Beautician required to pick up your vehicle, both during the procedure and after the procedure. It all depends on skin type.
Поверхностный и щадящий пилинг: гликолевый
The effect after the glycolic peel.
You will tend to achieve the effect after the procedure: to stop the process of aging, age spots and freckles not as noticeable, to make them less visible pores, postacne, acne, eliminate blackheads, and also eliminate the effects of acne.
As with all cosmetic procedures, there are contraindications.
Glycolic peels cannot be used if: you recently came back from holiday (worth a few weeks to wait until fall tan), underwent a course of chemotherapy, warts, herpes attack.
Preparation of glycolic acid peels.
For the desired result without special training you did. Before the procedure you need to diagnose skin and to visit the dermatologist. Purchase predpologayu set. The set includes: night cream (containing glycolic acid), day cream (moisture), cleansing of the skin.
If you only wish to improve the look of facial skin, you may need several treatments with glycolic acid. Can also use extreme exfoliation. Beautician pays you for awhile product containing glycolic acid, each time the time of application will increase. After this peel, you can expect redness and peeling of the skin. But, if you wish to make the recovery process much faster, you should choose a regular glycolic peels.
How is the procedure?
First of all, put the cleanser, which will enhance the effect of peeling. After 10-20 minutes will cause the glycolic acid, and after the time beautician will take it with a neutralizing agent. Well, in the end you skin is treated with an isotonic agent.
You don’t need to panic if you feel a tingling or stinging, or redness – this is a normal effect. If you receive a lump, you should immediately remove the vehicle from the skin area. But it’s worth noting that if more those three sites appeared, with the entire face clean acid.
The recovery period will take you a couple of days or less. But these days you need gentle to the skin (better these days to use moisturizer and baby soap). Within a month you should do gentle care for the skin.

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