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Surgical dentistry in Kaliningrad clinic Central

Хирургическая стоматология в калининградской клинике «Центральная»

In modern dentistry, surgery is used only as a last resort, when therapeutic measures do not give the proper result. Removing one or more teeth leads to a direct violation of the functions of digestion, and subsequent to the acquisition of various pathologies that are associated with the work of the digestive tract.
Surgical dentistry clinic “Central” in Kaliningrad focused primarily on the preservation and restoration of teeth. The best results can be achieved through the joint work of several doctors and surgeons, prosthetists, and therapists.
Thus, surgery is a large set of activities that must be performed in strict sequence with the use of such techniques, which combine the achievements of surgical, orthopedic and therapeutic dental clinics.
In the conventional sense, the main direction of operative dentistry is tooth extraction. And sometimes this task is so complex that it requires the involvement of the most modern techniques and technologies. Although without this emergency measures in some cases impossible the further course of dental treatment, for example, when the bite is incorrect or permanent damage to the mucous membranes “wisdom tooth”. To resolve these problems, there is only one way – surgical intervention with subsequent extractions.
The specialists of the clinic try to numb all operative interventions in the use of modern anesthetics tested.
Surgery aims to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Extractions of various degrees of complexity;
  • Removing the formed teeth that have not erupted;
  • Operations, which are aimed at maximum preservation of the teeth, such as the removal of only one root, resection of the root apex or partial removal of the tooth;
  • The complete renovation of inflammatory foci;
  • Jaw surgery;
  • Operations on mucous membranes (soft tissues in the mouth);
  • Restore the proportions of the teeth and gums by the correction of soft tissue;
  • Treatment of periodontal disease;
  • Making space for competent performances implant surgery consists of sinus lift, increasing alveolar bone and bone tissue volume;
  • Installation of implants.

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