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Take a shower right

Принимаем душ правильноShower is a water treatment that will not only cleanse the body, and invigorate, refresh and help to cope with the heat. To shower a beneficial effect on the body, you need to know a few simple rules:

To take a shower every day, especially for the period when the heat is sweltering. You can swim in the shower twice a day – morning and evening, after sleeping souls, revives, and in the evening will help relieve stress and give a sense of freshness. It is believed that frequent treatments can cause harm is not quite true. Of course, if you will RUB the body to exhaustion each time the sponge, it will cause skin damage, as hard sponge in connection with soap dries the skin, and if this happens regularly, the skin begin to suffer. But the harm is to turn on the heaters for household, to make the water warm or cool and indulge in hot weather or after exercise, no. Moreover, such procedures are even useful.
Thoroughly rinse the gel and soap, so they are not left on the skin. When taking a shower every day is enough to wash with soap or gel only genitals, armpits and feet. Do not use shower gel with each wash.
After taking a shower is recommended to moisturize the skin nourishing cream – this will restore the natural moisture level of the skin.
For the spirits you can take a contrast shower.
To relax after a hard day, you need water to make a comfortable temperature, turn the water back so that the water ran down his spine. This water massage helps to prepare for sleep.
I do not advise to save on care of your body: buy a good soap, good quality sponge and change it every six months.
If you will comply with our recommendations shower will bring you maximum satisfaction and benefit.

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