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Testosterone in the body

In our days the testosterone in the body, perhaps one of the most known hormones. One name that draws in the imagination beautiful muscles on masculine bodies. However, this hormone affects not only the relief of the body, but also on sexual desire, mood and even bone strength.It often happens that even the guys testosterone is very low.This is often bad habits, poor diet, unstable sleep and prakticheski complete lack of physical activity.

What you need to increase the level of testosterone

The disadvantage of this male hormone has the following consequences:
• Reduced or completely lost sexual desire;
• Dramatically reduced muscle mass and strength;
• Appears chronic nervousness, fatigue, depression;
• Becomes hard to focus;
• Deteriorating memory and brain activity;
• Slows down metabolism, this ultimately leads to the accumulation of fat in the body. Men, watching the level of testosterone in the body, have the right positive result. Alongside the great figures they have a great mood and Siberian health. Therefore, to maintain the level of this hormone is vital for men who want to always stay ahead of the game!

How to increase testosterone levels

Today the market is saturated with various preparations, providing hormonal balance in men and women. However, to monitor a possible and natural methods, without the use of various additives.
For a start, stabilize your diet. The body must receive required for the synthesis of testosterone components:
• Mineral substances. For that, you should include in your diet are seafood,a lot of it in the saury, salmon, trout, nuts and seeds. In addition, you need to consume calcium and magnesium-containing products;
• Uninterrupted work of the body of vitamins. The key to men’s health – C, E , and F. in order to saturate your body with these vitamins, you should eat citrus fruits, rose hips, currants, nuts. Extremely useful for testosterone and fish oil;
• Proteins, fats and carbohydrates – without them normal testosterone the body can not see. Therefore, the meat man should eat every day. In addition to proper nutrition you need to adjust your sleep. It is during sleep produces sex hormones, so the lack of sleep affects the level of male hormone. So try to sleep for 7-8 hours, resting in the darkness and absolute silence. So you will provide the best conditions for the production of the hormone.
And, finally, physical education. This is one of the most important conditions of work. Don’t neglect strength training. Try to do daily workout. Also, try to deal with dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells at least a couple times a week.
So, adhere to these simple recommendations will significantly affect the health and well-being men. After the first day of a new life a man will notice a surge of strength, energy, good mood and stabilize health.

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