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The causes of amnesia

Причины возникновения амнезииAmnesia – complete or partial inability to recall events. The causes of memory loss is not fully understood. Brain damage can cause loss of memories before the damage occurred (retrograde amnesia), immediately after injury (posttraumatic amnesia). Loss of memory usually lasts a couple of minutes, hours. It depends on the severity of trauma and can be cured without the intervention of doctors. In case of serious head injuries memory loss is incurable.
To teach man needs a good memory. Childhood memories are usually stronger than adults, because children’s brains learn better data. Areas responsible for learning, remembering data are temporal, parietal, and occipital areas of the brain. The limbic system is responsible for the emergence of emotions that affect the storage of information. Because in the process of remembering involves a variety of brain functions, all kinds of brain injuries can cause memory loss.
Global transient memory loss – severe, unexpected, washable memories from the attack of the confused consciousness, accompanied by the loss of local and temporal orientation. The attack can last for minutes, hours. To provoke amnesia can lock cerebral arteries due to atherosclerosis. The youth global amnesia can trigger a migraine, suspending the blood supply to the head.
Attack sometimes it happens when you abuse drugs and alcohol. Usually the memory is quickly restored.
People with inadequate food, alcoholics may experience a rare kind of memory loss syndrome Wernicke-Korsakov. When this is combined prolonged amnesia and severe disorientation of consciousness. This is due to the lack of thiamine.
When Wernicke encephalopathy disturbed vision, the hardness of the walk, confused mind, sleepy. Occurs severe memory loss.
Amnesia Korsakov usually associated with Wernicke encephalopathy and sometimes incurable.
People who abuse alcoholic beverages, intake of thiamine can stop Wernicke encephalopathy, however, fails to cure amnesia Korsakov.

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