«Мэри Бэль»

The conversation with your own body

Беседа с собственным теломIf the human body could speak, what would it have told us?
My appearance adapts to your assessment of me. Believe me, I’m fine, I’m such.
Every time, if you are flaws and try to find signs of disease me I am forced to satisfy your internal desire, and I start to get sick.
When you overdo the negative, angry thoughts, I’m also starting to get sick. Since the state of stress takes away my health. If you are happy, positive things, I just look younger, be thinner eyes.
My internal forces, the reserves are extremely high. Enough to believe in my abilities. I can regenerate, even to recover the missing bodies. I can be healed even if the doctors set me a fatal diagnosis. Just to support me with my confidence and belief in your own abilities and desire recovery.
So I created that can work effectively in a hundred years, even more. Why are you in forty years you start to think about old age? I age faster from such reflections. After all, in the human community adopted the harmful idea that a hundred years – a maximum of our existence.
When you want something to eat, consult with me, do I need it? If you learn to listen to me, I’m always ready to answer. And it will bring you benefit. Because you eat food automatically, or after hearing a variety of “smart” transmission.
Let’s talk about beauty. No need to cram me a variety of medications, Botox, silicone, gels and other rubbish. I’m beautiful even without these funds. I just needed help. And I will be able to find any, desired you, form.
I love nature walks, fresh air. I love to swim, run, dance. And of course sex. Any classes that give you pleasure. To sit all day at the computer… not really.
I trust you, and when eating another piece of pie, you’re convinced that you’ll get fat, I will fulfill your wishes.
I love you, but I need to hear thanks from you, at least occasionally. However, I love you without it.

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