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The cure for aging is stressful

Лекарство от старения – это стрессMaris Kiriazis, a scientist from London, has made a fairly bold statement, he said, based on some of the experiments: stress may help to maintain youth. Odious recipe of longevity angered bright minds of experts in the field neuropathology and psychiatry.
It’s no secret that stress is called one of the most important factors in the emergence of the terrible diseases of the nervous system, which subsequently undermine the overall viability of the organism, reduces the immune system and even contribute to the development of cancerous tumors.
Mr. Kyriazis, in turn, argues that stress is an additional stimulant update the body at the cellular level, however, it should be the “correct” stress. Short-term nervous excitement, for example in cases of approaching deadlines, being late for the plane, make public speeches makes to disperse the blood through the body and opens up new resources of the nervous system. During these processes, cells are saturated with oxygen, adrenaline rises to highest level and contributes to the regeneration of the body.
Patients seen in Dr. Kiriazis really look much younger than his age, and, according to their statements, this is not the result of a successful combination of genes, but just visualized the effect of intermittent positive stress. With nervous excitement greatly decreased appetite, which leads to sparing development of gastric juice and gradual weight loss, increased muscle activity, thereby contributing to the overall tone.
Kiriazis also notes that to maintain her youth through positive stress should develop for themselves a special technique on the basis of existing psychological practices, thus independently transforming negative stress into a “right”. So You will be able to grow spiritually and to have attractions for many years.

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