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The Danger Of Corvalol

Опасность КорвалолаAccording to the history of the creation of Corvalol is connected with the Nazi past in Germany. To increase the efficiency of his army, the Nazis tried to find a substance that will reduce the ability to feel fear. Over time, the drug was created. The basis of his composition was placed synthetic drug luminal, which eliminates stress and anxiety and fear kills and causes a state of euphoria.

Luminal (phenobarbital) is in the drug “Corvalol”, which today is a popular tool among people with heart disease. It is the content of phenobarbital puts this drug on a par with drugs. Phenobarbital is in the group of barbiturates, which are drugs and pose a great danger in the use of alcohol. In its composition Corvalol has phenobarbital and alcohol, thereby creating a dangerous mix.
By their nature, barbiturates have a soporific effect, and accumulate in the human body. In consequence of this factor in patients regularly taking this drug, there is the development of chronic daytime sleepiness. Addictive unfortunately develops quite quickly, about a month. If discontinuation of the drug in patients observed anxiety, nervous tension, tachycardia in consequence, be again consumed the drug. It is also known that chronic administration of Corvalol deteriorating kidneys, liver and other organs. To all this it leads to depression and weakens the memory. Bromine released from bromsulfaleinovy acid, which is also included in the composition, can lead to sexual dysfunction, respiratory diseases and allergies. If you abruptly discontinue the drug, the person may experience a condition that is similar to alcohol withdrawal pains. Increasing the dose, appear illusory-pleasant sensations that are similar to intoxication. In the practice of toxicology and addiction often occurs Coralline poisoning, manifested severe coma. Abuse of the drug gradually leads to emotional degradation and decline in cognitive abilities. First of all, Corallina dependence represents a danger to the older generation. For the elderly, living on a pension, not expensive drug is the ideal option from heart disease, which so often disturb. Corvalol has the ability to calm, soothes and normalizes the rhythm of the heart and relieves pain, helps to overcome anxiety and fear. The problem is that taking the drug for years, its effect begins to decrease and eventually you will have more and more to increase the dose.
To say unequivocally that Corvalol is to prevent, not worth it. This drug is a good drug that it is permissible to take 15-30 drops 3 times a day, but certainly not for months and years, and only in cases of special need. But still it is better to replace it with other vegetable preparations.

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