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The device is assistant Iontophoresis

Любимый аппарат косметологов: ИонофорезAnother kind of hardware procedures in cosmetology, which depends on low voltage. So, it all depends on skin type and concerns, you’ll be the initial treatment. For example, lifting mask, gel against pigmentation and acne. Then is applied to the skin microscopic current with the help of a joystick. This joystick has a special nozzle. This allows for enhanced stimulation of the synthesis of oxygen and circulation.
During this procedure the nutrients serums, masks, creams that were applied prior to the procedure, penetrate into the dermis deeply enough. And thus, there is an active treatment of skin problems, restoration of tissues and cells.
If you have acne or prevue disease, during iontophoresis uses an alkaline solution instead of medicines. This procedure is called desincrustation, which helps get rid of dead skin and sebum.
What can be discarded using iontophoresis?
This procedure can help if you have: swelling (cryo-inlay will eliminate dark circles and puffiness under eyes, age spots, dryness in the skin (iontophoresis plus moisturizer dramatic effect), wrinkles (10 days and perfect effect), pimples and comedones (extract sebaceous plugs).
I could use during the procedure? What substances?
Directly in the choice of the drug involved doctor. Most often used: liquid aloe, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and PP, salicylic acid, zinc paste
Любимый аппарат косметологов: Ионофорез
What is the procedure?
Using enzyme peel beautician cleanses the skin from dead cells. Further, according t defects and type of skin caused by the drug. After the beautician begins to enter the skin with special sensors with different nozzles. If the area of work is not large, it will take approximately 15 minutes. Peculiar if the area of work more, and the time increases. The most pleasant thing in the end – wipe the treated area of skin tonic with tonic effects.
Like procedure is harmless, but there are contraindications!
Is strictly prohibited during pregnancy to conduct such a procedure. If a person has a hormonal imbalance, cancer, diseases of cardiovascular systems and otolaryngology. More detail you can tell the doctor at the consultation.

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