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The effectiveness of implementation of a healthy lifestyle

Эффективность соблюдения здорового образа жизни“Healthy lifestyle” is a style, a way, in the life of each individual, which is aimed at permanent prevention from various diseases and strengthen health. In English is called as “Hеаlthy lifеstyle” and “Hеаlth prоmоtion”, translated as “health”.
By itself, the meaning of the phrase “healthy lifestyle” in today’s time, defined and unequivocally. Various scholars of sociology and philosophical spheres consider the concept of “healthy lifestyle” as a very global problem of a social nature, sostavljajuwuju part of people’s lives in General.
Pedagogic-psychological direction the concept of “healthy lifestyle” scientists in this direction consider it from the point of view of your consciousness, psychology and self motivation. There are also other opinions and points of view (it may be, biomedical point of view), but a thick line between them, since these two points of view aimed at addressing the underlying problem – the improvement of human health. Regular exercise is a major component of compliance with active and healthy lifestyle.
The effectiveness of implementation of an active / healthy lifestyle, at the moment, due to the high growth and change in various types of loads on the entire body of the individual, in connection with the weighting of life in society, increasing risks of industrial, ecloga-political, psychological, and paramilitary nature, provoking negative changes in the person’s state of health.
Active lifestyle of the person, at present, is the main and important part of his life. It was created for the development of many of the parties and the attainment of longevity. Maintaining an active lifestyle, will help you to perform all the social functions in human life. Also, to help actively participate in family, community, household, leisure and employment areas of life.

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