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The effectiveness of mesotherapy

Эффективность мезотерапииAlways look good? Easy! Women ready to help cosmetic industry and physicians. The specialists of the centers of aesthetic medicine will solve any problem associated with your appearance. Shelves of specialty stores are full of all sorts of tools that will help prolong youth and make the appearance more attractive.
Opportunities in order to remain attractive. The only question is how to choose. Quite often ladies resort to mesotherapy. This technique is not new, its application practice for over sixty years. What is it? Subcutaneous injections of vitamin cocktails. The drug is administered microscopic doses in separate areas of the face and body that allows you to completely get rid of certain problems.

What problems can be solved successfully saves mesotherapy? This:

  • cellulite. The “enemy” of the beauty of the female body;
  • unwanted body fat. In some parts of the body;
  • wrinkles (even deeper). On any area of the face;
  • effects of acne. Often after acne on the face remain the bumps and scars;
  • pigmentation. It can occur after sunburn, as a result of hormonal and age-related changes;
  • herpes simplex virus (warts and other growths on the face);
  • spider veins. The problem with genetic characteristics and external adverse factors;
  • sagging skin. Usually in the upper chest and neck. Due to age changes in the state of the dermis;
  • the hair loss. Mesotherapy is able to deliver and from the progressing baldness.

The effectiveness of mesotherapy is because the drug is injected directly into the problem area. This allows to obtain more targeted impact of nutrients.
The components of a “cocktail” are selected by the doctor individually. This requires a personal consultation with a beautician. The specialist can assess the extent of the problem and to choose the course of treatment.
Typically, the interval between treatments varies from one to two weeks. But, everything is very individual. Some patients require only a couple of sessions, visit other centers of aesthetic medicine more often.
Mesotherapy is a completely safe procedure. “Cocktails” are non-toxic, and their composition guarantees a perfect result.
The rehabilitation period, as such, does not exist. In rare cases, after mesotherapy face, but they completely disappear in a few days.

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