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The effects of coffee on the human body

Влияние кофе на организм человекаThe number of coffee lovers is growing rapidly every year. Many drink it several times during the day. Some appreciate the taste of the drink, other wonderful aroma. Someone uses it to promote health. Consider positive and negative factors of influence of the drink on the body.
Today, life sets us a high rate. So much to do, we have to somehow get rid of fatigue. And then there is coffee. Most businessmen become incorrigible coffee people, unable to Wake up without this refreshing drink.
About the dangers or benefits of caffeinated drinks are a long-standing disputes. Some prove devastating effect of coffee drinks on the consumer, other prove its usefulness. The truth, as is often the case, lies somewhere in the middle.
Useful quality coffee.
A large amount of antioxidants that protect the body of the consumer from harmful environmental influences.
Consumption of coffee drinks sharpens vision, hearing, improves short-term memory. So the coffee popular among students, where exam preparation sometimes begins in the last day.
Regular consumption of the beverage significantly lowers the risks of cancer of the liver and type 2 diabetes.
Coffee contains many beneficial trace elements, minerals.
Its use prevents the formation of intestinal tumors.
Drink optimizes the activity of the thyroid gland.
Regarding heart disease, caffeine stimulates the heart, dilates the blood vessels. Therefore, coffee consumption reduces the chances of occurrence of heart attacks.
Coffee beneficial to consumers with low blood pressure.
Negative impact coasterguy drinks.
Coffee stimulates increased formation of gastric juice. That is why the drink is contraindicated ulcer. It can cause stomach pain and more negative consequences.
Coffee causes insomnia, casinoe palpitations, nervous anxiety.
Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that coffee can be consumed safely people with a healthy stomach and heart. Such consumers drink will go most likely to benefit. Important thing is to feel the measure.

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