«Мэри Бэль»

The eye surgery center

In our center are professionals who during the first call will be able to provide recommendations relative to the overall health of your eyes and to describe all possible methods of treatment and rehabilitation in case of any ailments. Technical center is equipped with modern medical equipment allows you to do this with high accuracy and provides incredible convenience for clients, and for the doctors themselves. When it comes time to intervene surgically, come to the aid of the latest developments in the field of laser surgery, because it can be used to cure common disease of the retina. The surgeons can conduct operations and to cure the diseases of the cornea, lacrimal organs, as well as milked significant progress in removing the disease of glaucoma and cataracts.

If vision problems occur in childhood, getting into the center – the “Center of eye surgery, you can be sure that the doctor will carefully examine and good will treat your baby. Realizing that the eyes are one of the most essential organs, the child needs to feel confidence in examining him, the specialists, to not be afraid to do a survey and get procedures from relief and pleasure. Patients ‘ comments after visiting the center the most positive, experience of treatment and operations make it one of the most promising in the industry.
It is easier to prevent yourself than to try to change the consequence of the disease, so the diagnosis in Central reserve a special role. Here you will thoroughly check and get a detailed report, will hold a conversation with you, advising on the disease and prescribe preventative treatments. If it touches the intervention by surgeons, we should do all their instructions and can be more than sure, h in the near future you will be able to forget about the old health problems of the eye. A wide range of services offered by the centre, covers the most complicated cases, for example, cataract or keratoconus where the patient can help a miracle and this miracle can be for you to visit our center. Thanks to the development of ophthalmology has already become a real recovery of the organs of vision as the use of laser and direct surgical operation, allowing you to get rid of common diseases and to do the work on the restoration of poor vision, and if necessary to provide the necessary implants.

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Директор Центра косметологииС 1998 года медцентром управляет ее главный специалист Поленов Вячеслав Алексеевич, пластический хирург, входит в комиссию ОПРЭХ, специалист в области лазерной медицины, лауреат премии Золотой Лацент.