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The Foundation of good health and good health: vitamins

As we know, good health is composed from several elements. And good physical condition, excellent psychological condition, and most importantly proper nutrition. People have to eat, otherwise, all his internal organs in one way or another to signal that nutrients are not enough, and we ought to get.
Actually, why this aspect is the most important? It would seem, eat enough and eat different, and everything will be fine inside the body. But it is actually much harder than it seems at first glance. The body needs in addition to standard proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. And here the fun begins – vitamins and minerals there is just a tremendous amount. Not ten and even twenty. Vitamins for hundreds and in all of them the body needs in one way or another. But if shortages, the body gradually begins to fail. There are various diseases, and treatment of these disease is quite expensive.
Moreover, it’s not immediately noticeable – our body is a smart system that makes a “stockpile” of different substances. But as you can see, sometimes these stocks are insufficient, and then symptoms of the disease called “beriberi” – lack of certain vitamins. And good health as usual. So it is necessary to provide your body with enough vitamins.
Returning to the thought “eat plenty and everything is fine” – if the diet is made without the help of a nutritionist, this endeavor is doomed to failure. Just because the content of certain vitamins in different products can vary, and to restore the balance of trace elements, should eat some foods a hundred times more than other other.
And sometimes, essential products with adequate micronutrient content may simply not be available, the most basic example, due to seasonal characteristics. In the winter it’s hard to find certain fruits, vegetables, berries and more. And not everyone can afford it. What to do in this case? To take vitamin supplements. Many people neglect their admission, considering that they are chemically synthesized and are not useful.
But actually it is not – chemically synthesized only those vitamins that cannot be obtained from natural sources. Others simply extracted and packaged in convenient containers. And in the end will make at any time under any circumstances, to replenish the body with essential nutrients. So if you want to feel good, you should think about the balance of vitamins in your body through a variety of vitamin complexes.

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