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The herpes virus

Вирус герпесаThe herpes virus suppresses the period of its existence holds in the nerve cells. There the virus is getting rid of their protein “dresses” (leaving only the genetic information in the form of DNA molecules) and “falls asleep”. In this form of herpes stays a longer time existence. This period of the disease is called latent.
Herpes wakes up when it will trigger. To provoke the activation of the virus can stress, excess ultraviolet radiation, hypothermia, overheating, excessive alcohol consumption and various viral diseases.
Visible rash on the skin appears at the time of active reproduction of activated virus. It’s a sign that there is an exacerbation (relapse) diseases. Often period between infection and overt manifestations of the disease may take even several years. The infection is usually transmitted sexually, from partners with an active form of herpes.
Exacerbation of herpes can take place as well with visible effects on skin and mucous integument, and without obvious external manifestations, absolutely imperceptibly for the patient and others. This is because the virus can multiply at a very fast, quick and moderate pace. Visible rashes are shown in the first method of development.
Any intermediate versions of the infection is neglected by the patient, and rarely found doctors. In moments of acute infected patient in the process of sexual intercourse to infect an uninfected partner, even if there are no visible manifestations of infection. Sometimes, the individual affected patients may never show any outward symptoms. However, such people can also become a source of infection to the sexual partner.
In the process of oral sex, when the carrier is herpes symptoms on the lips and oral cavity, and also possible infection. If you make a list of danger of infection, the greater the chance of virus makes genital form of herpes in moments of relapse. The second danger is the patient with latent genital infection. Third place belongs to carriers.

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