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The importance of iodine for human body

Iodine is very important for the health of the trace. It is part of the thyroid hormones, which are produced by the thyroid gland: thyroxine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). These hormones are involved in the work of all systems of our body.
1. Control the activity of the reproductive organs.
2. Affect the condition of hair, nails and skin.
3. Balance the hormonal balance of the body.
4. Slow down the formation of fat reserves.
5. Affect the efficiency of the metabolism.
6. Affect the psychological state of the person and on the speed of his thinking.
7. Affect mental and physical development of the child.
In the adult human body contains about 25 g of iodine. Of these, about 15 g is in the thyroid gland, and the rest in the hair, nails, kidneys, liver, ovaries in women and the prostate in men. Depending on the weight and age of a person’s daily requirement for iodine his body is:
– for infants up to 12 months: 50 mg;
for children from 1 to 7 years – 90 mcg;
for children aged 7-12 years – 120 mcg;
for adolescents older than 12 years and for adults is 150 mcg;
– for pregnant and lactating women – 250 mcg.
Consequences of iodine deficiency can be emotional instability, frequent headaches, disorders of memory and attention, hearing impairment, and vision. Besides iodine deficiency can lead to hypotension, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, muscle weakness, disturbances of the menstrual cycle. Prolonged deficiency of this trace element in children can be observed retardation in physical, sexual and mental development. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can lead to abortion or to the development of defects in the fetus. In addition, it can provocirovat the development of neurotic disorders and in this case, the treatment must be carried out with the participation of an experienced therapist. Lack of iodine in the body is called the goiter is a disease of the thyroid gland, which is characterized by its increase. Symptoms of iodine deficiency in the body are:
– menstrual cycle;
– violation of the processes of thermoregulation of the body, a constant feeling of chills;
– pain in the heart;
– reduced immunity;
– shortness of breath;
– frequent headaches, poor memory, loss of attention;
– problems with teeth;
– loss of hair;
– dry and pale skin;
fatigue, lethargy, apathy;
drastic weight loss or weight gain, poor appetite.
Excess iodine can also have negative consequences. If the body will do more than 2 mg per day, people can get severe poisoning with fever, diarrhea and vomiting. If you take at one time 35 mg iodine, you can die. Symptoms of an overdose of iodine are also drowsiness and lethargy, weakness, tachycardia, headaches, rash, inflammation of mucous membranes. With long-term intoxication there is a likelihood of renal failure and myocarditis. Test for iodine deficiency can be performed independently. It’s enough to equip hygienic cotton swab and vial 5% iodine solution. On the inner side of the thigh with a cotton swab to draw a grid of horizontal and vertical stripes which will be from each other at a distance of 1 see Then you will need to note the time that the grid will disappear. If it happens in the nights or more, the content of iodine in the body is normal. The disappearance of the grid after 6-8 hours – a small sign of iodine deficiency. If the grid will disappear after 3-4 hours, then the body suffers from iodine deficiency. In this case, an urgent need to replenish its reserves. To resolve the issue will help you stay on the beach. Those who live far from the sea, you need to consume such foods rich in iodine. This persimmons, strawberries, grapes, cherries, apples, plums, apricots, garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, beets, spinach, buckwheat, millet, beans, pine nuts, dairy products, seafood. You must also use for cooking iodized salt. It is important to keep in mind:
1. Iodine from such salt evaporates after 3-4 months of its manufacture, so when you purchase should pay attention to the release date of the product.
2. To add salt to food immediately before use.
3. Store iodized salt should be in a tightly sealed container.
4. You cannot use this salt for pickling and salting.
Treating sprovotsirovannogo iodine deficiency, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive manner. In some cases, it is recommended to seek the consultation of the psychotherapist.
Drugs, containing iodine, in no event it is impossible to assign themselves. The correct dosage of each individual case, you may count only the doctor.

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