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The importance of videoecology

In the modern world due to the large amount of emissions, increasing radiation, water and air pollution, more and more people acquire new diseases. Children from an early age, lose their vision or it may rapidly deteriorate without any reason, and blame our ecology and environment.

In the modern world, the work of a large number of people depends on technology, in particular computers, phones, laptops, significantly affect the human brain, and in particular on sight. Doctors and physicians have been trying to deal with this problem, C. A. Filin, doctor of biological Sciences, in 1989 suggested and introduced the term “video-ecology”. This science investigates the relationship between the human body and the visible environment surrounding it. All that one sees, all that looks, and all that surrounds it in everyday life, this is the human visual environment. The problem of videoecology consists also in the fact that there are no regulations on the development of the human visual environment. In a time when people spent a lot of time outdoors, enjoying the fresh and clean air, it was not necessary to improve the videoecology. Now unfavourable environment surrounds the human body, as a result scientists are conducting more research

for the development of science in order to avoid deterioration in the near future. Every person on Earth should know about the science. This is due to the fact that every person around the world aggression, enclosed in films, paintings, sculptures, music, all this is trying to destroy the human psyche, to make a person more aggressive and angry, change the visual environ

ment of the person. In order to solve the problem should be informed about her teachers, ecologists, psychologists, artists, architects, i.e. everyone who may affect the visual environment of the person. It is necessary, therefore, to all who are affected and creates a visual environment of man, tried to make it more positive and good that the world looked brighter, more colorful, positive that oozed positive emotions. The human body constantly need a comfortable environment to get the desired result. Methods videoecology ways to give the person to consciously shape their own comfortable visual environment, which is so necessary.

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