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The liver and strengthening the immune system

Печень и укрепление иммунитетаWith the onset of the season of colds and flu we begin to look for ways to strengthen and improve immunity. But few people think about the fact that its activity is directly connected with the liver. Not all know that the liver works in our body not only as a filter through which daily passes almost all the blood in our body, but also as a plant which processed a lot of useful things needed for our body. The liver also produces proteins, interferon and antibodies that form the immune system.

If liver function is impaired, the resistance of our body to various infections will decrease. It is important for us to understand that the liver is a silent organ in our body and even if it does not hurt, it does not mean that it should be in a healthy condition. Unfortunately liver disease difficult to treat.
As evidenced by medical news, in order to support the liver in a healthy condition and not miss important signals should abide by some rules:
1. Pay attention to the following expression of your body as the weight in his right side, fatigue, lack of energy, nausea, drowsiness, loss of appetite, frequent catarrhal diseases of the character.
2. Never self-medicate, it is very dangerous. Better give blood for analysis, do the ultrasound and of course go to the gastroenterologist.
3. Try to eat. Our healthy modern diet should contain 500-700 grams of vegetables daily. Such a healthy and functional food provides a safe cleansing of the liver, creates a natural protection, as well as normalizes and improves bowel function, which is closely United with the health of our liver. Performance is influenced by seeds, nuts, unrefined vegetable oil, sesame, soy, sea fish and algae.
To replenish missing important substances can and using natural products, in which it is essential phospholipids. These substances are the main structural components of cell membranes. Often these components are unfortunately not enough in our regular diet, or they are products that we often avoid because of their high calorie content, for example: nuts, vegetable oil or milk with high fat content. As you know, prolonged shortage of these components develops malaise, and fatigue.
4. Good for the liver are also physical exercises, but if you already have liver problems, respectively, the activity should be moderate and of course picked up by the attending physician. As practice shows, the liver also positively affects swimming.
It is worth remembering that even if we try to follow a healthy lifestyle, then unfortunately in our modern and sad environmental conditions, the body does not always have time to fully clean. So for good health and the absence of any disease should not forget about the health of the liver.

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