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The modern form of hair removal and the miracle of ancient cosmetology: sugaring

Современный вид эпиляции и чудо древней косметологии: шугарингQuite a lot of time has passed from the time of Cleopatra, but till today I remember thanks to the Royal methods of body care, skin, hair and personal care. Methods of Cleopatra is still in demand in modern cosmetology. One of all “miracles” is a sugar hair removal. This hair removal can safely compete with other forms of hair removal. For example, wax.
At this time widely used this kind of hair removal modern beauty salons. The modern name sweet waxing – sugaring. This type of hair removal there are many factors to use. Chief among them is painless, non-irritating on the skin during the procedure.
This sugar mixture consists exclusively of natural ingredients and no chemicals. A sugar paste is used for removing hairs from a particular location on the skin. As used in this paste of sugar and water, so it does not pose any harm to the human body.
Before how to use this form of hair removal should remember a few rules. First, the paste must be high temperature, that is, it must reach a temperature of human body. This gives to manage without burns – the main advantage of the procedure.
The sugar hair removal training will give you the opportunity to achieve the desired effect and long-lasting results. Many companies provide training for the development of such technology beauty treatments. The sugar hair removal is carried out in several stages. During these stages, you will not feel any pain. This paste has on the skin a beneficial effect, as it contains only natural components.
The modern form of hair removal and the miracle of ancient cosmetology: sugaring
Sweet component – sugar, during the treatment penetrates into the skin cells, allowing them to actively moisturise, nourish and restore. It is through such effects during and after shugaring there is no irritation. The main thing to note is the fact that after waxing remains broken hairs, that is all removed from the root.
Advantages sweet and effective procedures to remove unwanted hair.
The main of them is the absence of any allergic symptoms and reactions. Since the composition of the paste does not include artificial ingredients and poor quality materials, and all natural. Guaranteed long-lasting effect. Hair removal without injury to the skin. Security is present and there is no spread of bacteria. The procedure occurs without vasodilation and burns, since the paste is used at low temperature.

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