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The most effective lifting in the field of cosmetology

Самый эффективный лифтинг в области косметологииIn cosmetology, there are a large number of different procedures in the field of non-surgical facelift. The most popular and modern – infrared lifting. Lifting is based on the infrared rays, which are able to tighten the skin.

Infrared lifting and its action.

For the first session, you can do a lot. For example, there will be stimulation of formation of new elastin and collagen. Such procedure is not, as only the infrared beam (800-1100 nm) can penetrate deeply, that is, to influence collagen cells. It has been proven that such a beam is not able to destroy the fat and the blood vessels.

Such lifting may help rid the body of toxins. Also inherent with such a lifting beam from pigmentation, reporting, vascular asterisks.

After the infrared lifting you will immediately see the result – a healthy look and tightening of the skin. If you have benefited from this form of lifting for a few years, you can snooze plastic surgery facial rejuvenation. The infrared beam is the impetus for the formation of new cells of elastin and collagen. And as a result you get a double effect on the face.

Самый эффективный лифтинг в области косметологииIt is possible not only on the face use a facelift, but also on other parts of the body as an anti-cellulite agent. Also to tighten the skin on the knees, forearms.

Gradual lifting.

The procedure will not take much of your time, and only half an hour. Using a special nozzle is processed by the body. As mentioned in the article above, use of multiple machines for peeling. With the help of these devices you can adjust parameters for each patient individually. There is no need to anesthetize the workspace, as the lifting procedure occurs without pain.

With all the efficiency and effectiveness there is no recovery period. After cosmetic procedures you can return to everyday life. Also this type of radiation peels can be combined with contouring.

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