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The nature of operations in patients with various forms of hypospadias

The clinical picture of the disease has characteristic features. After the child’s birth parents seek help due to physical defects in the genital area penis of small size, twisted, tucked up to the scrotum, foreskin in the form of an apron hanging over the head of the penis.

Narrowing metalero hole (22 observations) is accompanied by thinning of the urine stream, the development of bilateral ureterohydronephrosis (2 patients), urinary retention (2) when the location of the external opening of the urethra, on the scrotum and perineum the act of urination is the female type. In 10 patients diagnosed with concomitant malformations of the urogenital system of varicocele — 4, cryptorchidism (unilateral — 3, double-sided — 1), aplasia of testis — 1, horseshoe kidney — 1.

In severe forms of hypospadias, which are combined with bilateral cryptorchidism, there is a question about the gender of child (1 case).

The nature of operations in patients with different forms of hypospadias.

Method of urethroplasty,                            the Number of children                                        the Number of operations

Urethroplasty by Browne                           22                                                                                   44

Urethroplasty by Duplay                           18                                                                                    36

Urethroplasty by Cecil                                10                                                                                   30

using 2 methods

(Browne + Duplay)                                       12                                                                                     36

A total of                                                          62                                                                                     146

Good long-term results are found in 22 patients (strong stream of urine, a straight penis, good in 9 cases (continued curvature of a member in field head). Unsatisfactory outcomes were not observed.

Thus, the positive results of hypospadias repair in all operated patients in long after the intervention dates indicate the correctness of the chosen in the clinic treatment.

However, only the joint efforts of surgeons, endocrinology, genetic staff offices, a wide propaganda among the population, especially of childbearing age, a healthy lifestyle, one can achieve significant shifts in the social aspects that this has severe malformations.


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