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The problem of overweight

Проблема избыточного весаWith the problem of excess weight many people are familiar not by hearsay. The most popular remedy among women was diet. However, it is important to understand that with the help of the hunger strike forever impossible to protect yourself from extra pounds. Alas, the craze for fasting does more harm than good – not so much the figure, how many throughout the body. Many probably noticed that after the “successful” diet dropped weight rapidly return to the usual place. Often after the diet, you can gain more pounds than there were before the diet.
This happens for many reasons.
First of all, the lion’s share of diets is formed on the principle of reducing consumption of carbohydrate-rich and fatty foods. Though the effect of such diets at once became evident, the duration is very small. In addition, the body caused irreparable damage, because for its smooth operation requires a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Limiting your body in a caloric and fatty food, you give him the command to defer the fat for a rainy day, immediately after the resumption of normal power. Hence the extra weight gained immediately after the diet.
Therefore, in order to achieve lasting results, diet wiser to replace a healthy diet. Maintaining the slimness of figure, the health of the body is not a temporary procedure, and the combination of many factors, including physical activity, healthy food.
If you really want to forget about the problem of excessive weight, adjust the following:
Set the power mode. Eat on a schedule. So the body can adjust to the desired mode, which will contribute to improved digestion and nutrient absorption, digestion. Combine large Breakfast, a normal lunch and light dinner. This mode is optimal for health.
Make a balanced diet. Make the menu different groups of products. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, seafood.
Give your body plenty of exercise. If there is no time to visit the gym, spend at least morning exercises. More often you walk.
The combination of the above conditions will let you solve the problem of excessive weight.

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