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The prognosis of cancer by 2030

According to the predictions of oncologists EU by 2030 cancer will be equated to chronic illnesses such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis. For example, diabetes mellitus introduces certain restrictions on the lifestyle of the patient, his physical abilities. The patient is able to live with this disease, but die quite otherwise. This can be explained on the example of prostate cancer. By 2006 had achieved 100% survival with this disease. I.e. the patient can die with cancer, but not cancer.
Significant improvement of predictions of survival in patients with various forms of cancer obtained thanks to the innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer:
– Creation of advanced medicinal products acting on the cancer cells at the molecular level and not affecting healthy cells.
– Biosensor technology to help identify, track and correct physiological problems that increase the risk of cancer.
– Gene therapy of cancer.
– The improvement of surgical methods of treatment associated with the development of robotic and endoscopic systems. The advent of more advanced systems of video monitoring and computer control when conducting operations.
These four factors give grounds to talk about “personalizing therapy of cancer, when drugs are not only written out individually, but are created specifically for the needs of a particular patient in the laboratory. Such tools are more specialized, selective and, accordingly, are prescribed in much smaller doses, with fewer side effects, and with remarkable efficiency.
In connection with the forecast, today reviewed the approach to the treatment of oncological disorders. Although a complete cure remains the ultimate goal of the process, today, the focus is shifting to providing patients high quality of life in the case of a multi-year course of the disease. For different types and locations of tumors is a variety of combining radiotherapy, surgical techniques, chemotherapy and other new methods of treatment, allowing patients to lead a near normal lifestyle.

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