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The results of the grafting of the mandible

In 17 patients suffering from unilateral microgenia, we used primary bone grafting when using the outer plate edges. Taking into account the clinical situation was made vertical osteotomy of the body of the mandible with 4-5 teeth, after which the fragments were diluted to establish the chin to the starting position and a defect in transplanted bone graft.

Bone fragments of the lower jaw was fixed apparatus Rudko. The wound from the mouth in some cases sutured tightly or filled iodoformi swab. One of these patients there was a partial rejection of the bone graft.

Good configuration entity obtained in all cases. Surgical treatment of microgenia we in all cases combined with early orthodontic treatment and further rational prosthetics.

In the presence of gunshot defect of the mandible in 30 patients in all cases we successfully applied secondary bone grafting using various time periods after injury (from 4 months to 12 years). In these patients preoperative preparation was to hold bone fragments in the correct position. In some medical cases, has conducted preliminary dissection of cicatricial concretions between fragments and their fixation.

When bone defects created after extensive sequestration, we in 3 cases, successfully applied secondary bone grafting. In all three cases, the beginning was made sequestrectomy and after 4-5 weeks, carried out the replacement of the defect with a bone graft from the outer half of the fin.

Learning remote research results in the period from several months to 25 years, we have seen that over time a thin bone plate from the outside of the ribs, freely transplanted into the defect of the mandible, increased in size, reaching in some cases the thickness of the jaw bone, fully carrying out the functions of the lost area of the lower jaw.

In conclusion it should be emphasized that the outcome of osteoplasty of the mandible is measured not only by the full restoration of bone continuity, but the conditions are created for further rational prosthetics.


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